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At PowerIT, we firmly believe that all software, services, and processes need to be tailored to every clients needs. Not all clients are the same and should not be jammed into the same mold.

The majority of the companies we work with are start ups who are brimming with ideas and passion... just not always brimming with capital. At PowerIT our experiences allow us to guide you to building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will allow you to get to market as speedy and cheaply as possible. No need to spend a lot until you have proven the model.

   I have an idea, but no earthly idea if it can be done?

Awesome, we are just the team to talk to, we will help you flush out your idea and build you a high level technology roadmap so you have a clearer picture of the road ahead. Contact Us and we will get you rolling on the right path (with map in hand).

   Someone else started on my project, but it never got completed... can you help?

Absolutely, drop us a Line and we can help turn your sad story into a success story!

   I have an existing site and it looks kind of dated, but worse yet it is a terrible mobile experience! What to do?

Ok, so you are not a fan of the web fashions brought to us in the 90's. Since we were responsible for some of them way back then and have moved managed to personally move forward, we can certainly help bring you into the 'now'! We use current technology, methods, and processes to deliver our products with the up most quality with a heavy focus on designing towards mobile first.

   Do you do requirements and what are they?

For the first part, yes. We do requirements on every project, starting by taking what you tell us you want and breaking it down into sets of stories that you can easily understand. These stories will provide the basis for how we detail out the requirements, how we estimate, how we build the product, how we test, and how you the customer can track our progress on your project! Requirements should be a big part of any project... just not over whelming or just a checkbox.

   How do you handle Communication?

Yes there is, it stems off of of the stories we build above and how we approach our work. On a weekly basis we report back to which stories are completed, in progress, or untouched. This gives you a far more tangible view of what is going on. In industry speak it is called momentum. If things are not getting done, you will notice!

Additionally we work in an Agile methodology that stresses incremental work and getting completed work in front of a client as soon as it is built. So even if it is a 3 month long project, you will actually be able to see the progress and provide feedback as it progresses. New products are evolving items and we understand that once you use and touch something, your ideas might change. Any changes are always best caught as soon as possible rather then waiting to the end. Traditional methodologies like the Waterfall method do not work well with a lot of startups who are just learning their new business domain.

Communication is also key around our shop, your project manager will always send you a weekly update, but will also raise any urgent issues right away. Any questions or concerns contact your project manager right away, if you are not happy, contact one of the founders directly and they will be more then happy to resolve you concerns! The customer always comes first.

   I keep seeing reference to "Mobile First", what the heck is it?

Mobile First refers to the concept that you should target designing for a mobile screen like an iPhone first rather then starting by designing the perfect web page then adapting it to a tablet or phone.

This is done for several reasons, first is the majority of sites are seeing a turning point now where over 50% of traffic (often MUCH higher) is mobile traffic, and you certainly want to target your audience! Second is when you design on a restricted screen (like a phone) you are forced to distill all of your great ideas down to the few important ones. The ones your customers care about, and then not waste extra money building features not needed and likely distracting from the heart of your product!

   What is MVP?

MVP refers to Minimum Viable Product, basically taking your huge pile of great ideas and distilling it down to the core few items that need to be proven. This gives us a much narrower scope for the project and allows you to spend a lot less money to prove your idea works or doesn't work. The other benefit of that is if you have a proven idea from an MVP, then you can get the rest of the money you need to fully launch it at a much lower cost, keeping a higher percentage of the company in you, the founders hands!

   No Cash to start project or launch your ideas?

Conversations are free and maybe we can help you there also, both in finding financing, or if we are convinced in your idea and passion, then we would love to consider becoming an equity partner!