About Us

PowerIT Strategy

After spending decades working in technology, we at PowerIT have seen to many opportunities go up in smoke because of bad technology or business decisions. People throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars into software with very little return other then a sense of frustration. From this PowerIT was started as a way to help small to medium businesses address this issue.

At PowerIT our mission is to enable you, the business owner, to focus on the core of your business while we handle the details of getting your solution delivered. We do this by working with you to hone and sharpen your ideas, build a roadmap/plan, and charge forward with execution of the plans.

Why Choose PowerIT?

We are often asked why chose PowerIT? We initially came up with some long lists of skills and reasons that sounded good, but those are really a commodity. What we realized is what it came down to was sure we have the expertise, but what we also have is the passion. We love our jobs and it shows in the work and the commitment we apply to every project. If you have a passion for your product/project/company, then we are the right fit.

PowerIT About Us

Leadership Team

Rahul Bawa, Founder PowerIT, CEO

Rahul Bawa

Rahul Bawa is the Chief Executive Officer of PowerIT Technology Solutions. In this role, Mr. Bawa is responsible for startup mentoring, sales and client relations. With over 25 years of IT experience ranging from large companies like IBM and United Airlines to working with the smallest of startups while working with the seed stage venture capital company Cincy Tech. His passions revolve around solving business problems and crushing roadblocks hindering success. A driven and passionate IT Executive with a nose for detail.

Rahul Bawa, Founder PowerIT, CEO

Rob Tracy

Rob is the VP of Technology for PowerIT Technology Solutions responsible for all things related to technology including development processes and procedures. For the past 15+ years Rob has worked in small to mid sized companies, really anywhere he can have a significant impact on the business. A true geek at heart, Rob has a wide breadth of technical skills from software development, networking, infrastructure, cloud computing, to methodology.