Management Services

  • Startup Guidance
  • Financial Planning
  • Virtual COO/CTO Services
  • Business Plan Development
  • Small Business Growth

Startup Guidance

One of our strongest passions is working with seed stage startups with an idea, hunger, and a drive and helping them move forward with their project. We will initially give feedback on the idea, financing options (industry), and viability. Then from there the journey starts where it is exciting to see the idea grow to a thriving business. Of course not all ideas make it that far, but it is our goal to help facilitate and increase the probability of success!

Financial Planning

Financial planning can be a huge burden and weak spot for many small to medium businesses. We offer a range of executive services that can help you cover this area, often resulting in significant annual savings.

Virtual COO/CTO Services

Do you lack leadership in your operations, strategic, or technical areas of your business, but either do not have the need for a FTE or are having trouble finding someone to fill the gap. Let us help, we have years of executive experience on staff and can help fill your needs in a long term virtual role, or short term until you find the right candidate (we do help with recruiting).

Business Plan Development

Have an idea, but not sure what to do with it or do not have the time to do a proper business plan? Let PowerIT help you develop the plan and expand the idea.

Small Business Growth

A lot of small businesses are thriving, but have plateaued and need help with how to grow revenue and sales. We can help you construct a plan to address this and fuel your businesses growth.