Software Development

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Financial platforms
  • Vertical Search Engines
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Technology Assessment

Web Development

With the world being invaded by mobile devices and for the majority of websites having more then 50% of all traffic coming from mobile, we are firm believers in designing for the mobile experience first. This allows us to target your customers as effectively as possible, but has the added benefit of forcing great design. What do we mean by forcing great design? For us it comes down to one main component, focus on your core message/action. And interestingly we find designing for a much smaller screen helps create focus and removes distractions.

PowerIT offers a wide range of development services focusing on the functional aspects, with particular focus on what the holistic solution is.

Mobile Development

We offer a range of native application mobile development services targeting phone and tablet platforms from Apple (IOS), Android, and Windows.

Financial platforms

Our staff has a significant history building some high volume financial processing platforms which requires a focus on quality and standards. This includes a focus on maintaining standards from ISO, PCI, etc...

Vertical Search Engines

Search and data aggregation has become a much more significant focus as the worlds information migrates to the web. We bring strong experience with tools like Solr, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Map Reduce, and Nutch for bringing this data together and allowing for intelligent use of it.

Solutions Architecture

To us, every project from the smallest to the largest requires some thought of the solutions architecture. At PowerIT we have a history of success in creating solutions that fix the need and scope of the project giving maximum flexibility and expandability. Every client has different needs and the solution needs to be tailored to them.

Technology Assessment

Do you have a system in place and want a extra set of eyes to look under the covers and let you know what is happening. We can put a plan in place to look at your technology, people, and processes, then deliver you a report of pros and cons plus a roadmap for resolving any issues.